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i was thinking after watching last night episode…the idea of Jude moving on from Connor and having new friends and with Stef being supportive of this idea. I think it could be possible that there could be a new interest for Jude or at least someone to be brought in to Jude’s life be a device plot and further progress Jonnor. With this happening, it could really show how Connor feels about Jude…we seen a bit of this when Jude got asked out by a girl but this could go deeper than that. I would be really interested to see Jude/Connor relationship from Connor’s point of view.

Someone’s Little Sister - Music from the Fosters - EP

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You know, I don’t care if you’re… you know. If that’s what you are.

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Adam Torres Week: Favorite Quotes

"Everyday, I fight to do the things you do."